EdgarStat Interactive Transfer Pricing Database

A powerful tool for establishing comparables for transfer pricing studies

USTransferPricing.com is pleased to announce that we have arranged with EdgarStat LLC to offer our users access to their powerful valuation database.

Whether you are negotiating an Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) or preparing a transfer pricing study, using any of the profits-based transfer pricing methods requires finding comparables. In the past, getting these economic data required either laborious research, data extraction, conversion, compilation, and analysis or large fees for generic company data that may or may not have met your transfer pricing needs. The other option was to pay a consultant to assemble the data for you. The EdgarStat Transfer Pricing Database offers a better option: exactly the data you need at a very reasonable price.

Ease-of-Use With Advanced Functionality

With a simple user-interface, EdgarStat makes it easy for a novice user to compile and analyze company financial data for transfer pricing. Behind this simple interface is a wealth of data and functionality, including:

  • Complete business descriptions and financial data, with direct access to 10-K annual reports for virtually all public companies in the United States since 1999
  • Built-in statistical functions to analyze data when using all of the common profit-level indicators
  • Data that complies with the new XBRL Accounting Standard, allowing meaningful comparisons across companies with different accounting conventions
  • Technical support provided by experienced transfer pricing professionals
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Why EdgarStat?

EdgarStat was developed by a leading transfer pricing economist to help him and his clients:

  • Select the best method for transfer pricing analyses
  • Find comparables for the preparation of transfer pricing studies
  • Conduct transfer pricing audit defenses
  • Negotiate Advance Pricing Agreements

Breakthrough Pricing

Click here for a free no-obligation demo of EdgarStat!

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